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Netscape Communicator: Offered by Netscape Commications, Netscape is also currently being offered as the default browser for America On-Line as well as many Internet Service Providers. Netscape is the most popular browser on the internet and is considered by many to be the standard by which other browsers are compared. This link will take you to download the newest version.

: Microsoft Internet Explorer: Offered by Microsoft Corporation and generally bundled in with the Windows 95/98 operating systems. MSIE runs a close second to Netscape as the most popular browser on the net.

Lynx: Lynx is a web browser that is little known outside of the computing world. The reason for that is that Lynx is a text only browser developed at The University of Illinois. I list it here because it it small, dependable and is a great alternative for people who want the internet connection to be a "research only" experience.

File Transfer Protocol:

WS_FTP: A simple file transfer program that is the most popular for IBM based personal computers. Works with both Dos and Windows and is 100% free.

Cute FTP: Essentially the same set up and situation as WS_FTP only this program is for MacIntosh users.

Other Utilities:

Winzip: Winzip is a great little utility you will need if you do much downloading. Many programs or downloads are compressed together in "zip" files in order to make them smaller. After downloading them, you need a program such as Winzip to "unzip" them. Best of all, Winzip is free.

Adobe Acrobat: Another great, free utility which allows you to view and print portable document format (.pdf) files. Portable document files are generally forms or reports that are preformatted so that you may print them off to look like original documents. A good example would be a standard 1040 IRS form. If you go to the IRS website to download and print off this form, you will need Adobe Acrobat in order to do it. This insures quality, standardized forms for whoever puts them on-line.